How to use Lynechat?

Frequently Asked Questions

Lynechat is a messaging app that generates browser based chat links for marketplace listings. It can also be used as a personal chat handle like Anyone with the link will be able to chat with you without downloading any software.

Lynechat is used by influencers, marketers and anyone selling on marketplaces to enable chat with their customers without the need to share personal email or phone details.

You can add your lynechat URL to some of the most popular places so your followers or anyone can contact you via chat instead of you exposing your personal email or phone numbers. Here are more ways where you can use Lynechat.

- Add chat to your Twitter bio link
- Add to your Instagram profile. Let your followers talk to you
- On your LinkedIn profile so any 2nd or 3rd degree connection can initiate chat with you
- Under your YouTube videos
- Add chat links to your craigslist or marketplace listings like,, and others
- In your TikTok profile
- On your Pinterest
- In your blog bio or on your Tumblr
- On your Github bio
- On texts to link pals to your content
- In your resume/CV and on job applications that ask for your website or portfolio
- On your business card
- In your email signature
- In your Soundcloud sidebar
- On shop signage or your posters so that customers can connect with you and find events
- On merch for that lifelong engagement
- In your Depop profile
- As your website, because you’re a small biz and websites take some effort

As a webmaster or if you own a website, you can replace website contact forms into chat widget by using Lynechat.

Simply create a chat url on your Lynechat dashboard and go through the options to copy the web embed code. There are two options that you can choose from:

(1) use Lynechat as a free alternative to intercom, drift
(2) copy the web embed and copy into your html to replace website forms into live chat widget

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